Thursday, October 13, 2005


It’s an exciting day for me! Victoria is going to her first 4-H meeting tonight. She is 5 and will be a Clover Bud. Here’s an interesting fact for Oklahoma 4-Hers. The Clover Bud program began in Cleveland County for me and 2 other kids. We were the beginning, now I’m taking my daughter for her beginning in a fantastic youth program. Who knows, maybe she’ll be a state officer too. I hope she loves 4-H as much as I did.

No, I didn’t do livestock at all, my project were public speaking, leadership and performing arts.

4-H gave me a valuable commodity, like-minded individuals, who I had the pleasure to meet, and many of whom I still call my friends. To this day I have more friends from 4-H then I do from high school and college combined.


Jeremy said...

Go 4-H! And good luck, Victoria!

Sara said...

The meeting was okay. The Clover Buds seem pretty good, but the club is only in it's 3rd month. I wasn't prepared to want to jump in and take over, but unfortunatley I may have to and the club leaders are suggesting it. It's weird to come into a new club when I grew up in a well established one in what was at the time a very strong county.

Rachel said...

I am glad Victoria is in 4H. We don't have cloverbuds in Cherokee county. Emma would have loved it. People are still talking about this years fair and Z showing with one arm, and Emma winning Grand Champion bucket calf. Dalton did good this year as well, he just isn't into it like the others are.