Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Life happenings

Okay, so I haven’t posted anything in several days. I’ve just been enjoying life and my family.

Friday, Victoria got to go to her first homeschool PE class and had a total blast. Saturday we took Jonathan for a walk around downtown and just enjoyed the day, I also bought my upholstery fabric. Sunday we were bad and skipped the church hunt, but we went to the zoo and I got some good pictures. Monday I had upholstery (parental advisory naked chair). Upholstery was after mad office reorganization, which has carried over and I finished today (this is best viewed as a slide show). Thankfully I'd already moved some books to the attic, I just don't have the shelf space for what we have.

It is amazing how unproductive I am when I look at the office and feel like the pot got stirred and I can’t accomplish anything. Things are so much better now; I may go do the dance of joy…maybe not. Tonight we are off for more adventures with dance lessons and meeting a minister from a church we visited. I’m sorry I can’t come up with anything more exciting, but now I think I may go curl up with one of the 6 books I’m reading. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not, seriously 6. Last night I almost couldn’t make up my mind when I went to bed.

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